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Activity #3: Gear speed and Torque (Part II)

Materials needed: 8t (t = tooth), 16t, 24t, 40t LEGO gears, four LEGO axles, one 11 hole LEGO support beam.

Procedure (part 2):

  1. Keep the gears in the same position as in the previous activity. Color one tooth on the big gear with a red marker. Match up the red tooth from the big gear with the small gear. Before you actually do this experiment, see if you can predict what will happen.
  2. Make the big gear go around once very slowly and count how many times the small gear goes around before the big gear completes its rotation.
  3. Do this experiment using different combinations of gears. Write down your observations.
  4. Take the big gear, the second biggest gear, and the smallest gear and line them up with their teeth meshed (in that order) on the gearblock. If the big gear goes around once, how many times will the small gear go around? Can you explain why?
  5. Either design your own experiment, or build the coolest gearbox you can.

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