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Angus' Robotics Site
Angus' Robotics Site is the creation of a young English student who has been a robotics enthusiast since he was six years old. The site features robotics projects illustrated with photographs. Visitors can download robot related utilities or check out resources and robotics links.

This site is an online resource for robotics fans. Features include hardware and software, robotics competitions, organizations, along with an online store for robotics books and components.

People who are just getting started with robotics can find useful links to stores, competitions, organizations and clubs, toys, robotics cartoons, and hardware and software.

The FIRST Robotics Competition
The FIRST Robotics Competition is a national engineering contest for high school students. The site provides information on the six-week program concludes with tournaments held in fifteen locations. The competition fosters partnerships between schools, businesses, and universities and encourages young people's interest in science and engineering.

Each year the FIRST LEGO League announces a new challenge highlighting a current scientific or technological problem facing the world. Students are invited to work in tams to build, program, and test their own fully-autonomous robots. The site provides all the information needed to participate in the competition which is based on the belief that kids learn best when they work together to construct something that they find personnally meaningful.

KISS Institute for Practical Robotics
The KISS Institute of Practical Robotics is a non-profit organization that provides learning and skill development through the application of technology, particularly robotics. The site features the High School Botball Robotics Tournament, robotics courses for students, and educational resources.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers offers information on robotics for students on their site. Activities include national robotics challenges with a division for middle school students.

National Engineering Design Challenge
The National Engineering Design Challenge encourages teams of high school students to work in teams with engineering advisors to design, fabricate, and demonstrate working solutions to a social need. The site is sponsored by JETS, the Junior Engineering Technical Society, with the goal of guiding high school students towards college and careers in engineering.

This site provides resources for robotics, including projects, books, and links to other robotics sites.

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