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Exploring Space and Cyberspace Live from Mars Teacher's Guide - Passport to Knowledge Program
1996-97, Phone 1-800-626-5483 or on-line

Robotix Mars Mission Activity Guide
Phone 1-800-704-8697

Tony Potter, Ivor Guild, R. Priddy (Illustrator)
E D C Publications, 1999
ISBN: 0881106615

Robotics : The Marriage of Computers and Machines (Facts on File Science Sourcebooks)
Ellen Thro
Facts on File, Inc., 1993
ISBN: 0816026289

If I Had a Robot
Dan Yaccarino
Viking, 1996
ISBN: 0670869368

Get the Message: Webs Wires Waves - Using Codes and Signals to Communicate
National Science Foundation
National Science and Technology Week 1997
Scientific American Robots Alive
(Video available)

Inventing the Future: Body Talk
Scientific American
(Video available)

Robot Revolution
National Geographic
Vol.192, No.1, July, 1997
Curt Suplee, George Steinmetz (Photographer)

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