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Landmark Images of People and Technology in Fiction

Even before the word "robot" came about earlier last century, people were thinking, writing, and creating fiction about the subject of humanity and its relationship to machines.

Here is a reference list of landmarks in fiction about people and technology, many of which are centered around robots.

1726 Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels (Academy of Lagado: satirized inventors and anticipated machine-produced literature)
1818 Mary Shelley: Frankenstein (novel). Sometimes called the first science fiction novel
1872 Samuel Butler: Erewhon (novel): satirical anti-technological utopia
1888 Edward Bellamy: Looking Backwards (novel): naive but popular utopia in which society seen as a giant factory
1890 William Morris: News From Nowhere (novel): pastoral utopia
1893 Ambrose Bierce: 'Moxon's Master' (story): artificial chess-player kills its maker

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