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Landmark Images of People and Technology in Fiction, 1956-1967

1956 Isaac Asimov: 'The Last Question' (story)
Isaac Asimov: 'The Jokester' (story): computer discovers origin of jokes
Isaac Asimov: The Naked Sun (novel): robot out of control
Robert Silverberg: 'The Macauley Circuit' (story): computers compose music
Clifford D. Simak: 'So Bright the Vision' (story): machine-produced literature
The Forbidden Planet (Film)
The Invisible Boy (film): First to depict computer as threat to humanity
1958 Brian Aldiss: 'But Who Can Replace a Man?' (story): human survivor in machine-governed world discovers that they still obey direct orders

Philip K. Dick: Vulcan's Hammer (novel): development of computer consciousness
R. C. Phelan: 'Something Invented Me' (story): machine-produced literature
1961 J. G. Ballard: 'Studio 5, The Stars' (story): machine-produced literature
Hal Draper: 'Ms Fnd in a Lbry' (story): indexing system collapses
Fritz Leiber: The Silver Eggheads (novel): machine-produced literature
1963 Dr Who (British SF TV series) began
1964 Philip K. Dick: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (novel): robotic psychiatrist
Stanislav Lem: The Invincible (novel): machines as autonomous
Peter Currell Brown: Smallcreep's Day (novel): surreal satire of automation
Gordon R Dickson: 'Computers Don't Argue' (story): bookclub mix-up and succession of errors leads to death sentence for kidnap and murder of Robert Louis Stevenson!
Ron Goulart: 'Badinage' (story): blindness of technological systems
1966 Robert Escarpit The Novel Computer (trans. from French): machine-produced literature
Robert Heinlein: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (novel): development of computer consciousness
Frank Herbert: Destination Void (novel): development of computer consciousness
Olof Johannesson: The Tale of the Big Computer (novel): machines as autonomous; development of computer consciousness
Keith Roberts: 'Synth' (story): development of computer consciousness
Roger Zelazny: 'For a Breath I Tarry' (story): development of computer consciousness
Star Trek (US SF TV series) began
1967 Harlan Ellison: 'I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream' (story): development of computer consciousness
Bruce Kawin: 'Form 5640A: Report of a Malfunction' (story): blindness of technological systems
Stanislav Lem: The Cyberiad (novel): development of computer consciousness
Fred Saberhagen: Berserker series begins (stories and novels): machines as autonomous; development of computer consciousness; computers seek to wipe out all life in universe

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