Space Junk

United States Space Command

This group keeps track of space junk, among other jobs.

Johnson Space Center Hypervelocity Test Center

These NASA folks are doing all sorts of tests on the potential damage that can be caused by debris in space.

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Communications Satellite

European Space Agency

Here you will find information on other communications satellites, such as OTS, ES, MARCES, and OLYMPUS.

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Remote Sensing Satellite

Earth Resources Observation Systems

Images of Earth display remote sensing data and their applications.

EOS IDS Volcanology

This organization provides information about active volcanism, volcanic hazards, and volcanic inputs to the atmosphere from the Earth Observing System.

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Weather Satellite

National Climatic Data Center

This is the world's largest active archive of weather data.

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Scientific Research Satellite

Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab

Scientists at this lab are building instruments to study the Sun.


This is the official ESA/NASA website for the SOHO spacecraft. You'll find lots of pictures from SOHO's instruments as well as the latest news on the Sun.

The Stanford University Solar Center

This is one of the best science educational websites. There is lots of information here for students and teachers.

Yokoh / Public Outreach Program

YPOP is an educational website based on the Japanese Yohkoh spacecraft. It includes solar movies and images.


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