At The Tech, you will learn all about electricity, build a circuit, make a monkey dance, and take a death-defying virtual roller coaster ride! Come with us and visit the following: Galleries, IMAX, Science Labs

Use the electricity gallery guide as you visit the galleries to learn more about electricity.

Communication Gallery
Global Connections: Teleconference with other visitors via a vertically roving monitor, create a multimedia video with yourself as the star, design your own Web page and make a monkey dance.

Innovation Gallery
Silicon Valley and Beyond: Build a circuit, design your own roller coaster, and take an air shower in a cleanroom with real working microchip fabrication equipment.

Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun
On the domed screen of the Hackworth IMAX Theater, you will go on a stomach-churning adventure that puts you in the front seat of the wildest roller coasters ever created. See how electricity is used to power these amazing rides. You will also learn about the history of these thrill rides and the role NASA had in creating them.

Gears & Robots (grades 4-6)
Learn how gears work to create motion in machines. Build a Lego machine, and use gears and motors to make it work! You will even write a computer program to control the motor.

ROVs Exploration (grades 5-7)
You will learn the principals of motor control and apply them to a robot vehicle!

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