At The Tech, you can perform keyhole surgery, take an ultrasound of your hand, and learn about the strongest, smartest, most well-built machine ever created–your body! Come with us and visit the following: Galleries, IMAX, Science Labs

Use the Cardiovascular Gallery Guideas you visit the galleries to learn more about the cardiovascular system.

Life Tech Gallery: The Human Machine
In the Life Tech Gallery, learn all the ways which technology helps us see inside our bodies. You can also learn about different systems in the body, and how technology helps doctors fix things when they go wrong.

On the domed screen of the Hackworth IMAX Theater, see how this mountain was formed and continues to evolve, how high altitude can effect a climber's body systems and how the Sherpa culture and tradition permeate the Mt. Everest experience.

Human Traits (grades 4-6)
What determines how we look, our hair and eye color, how tall we grow, or if we will go bald? You can apply the basics of genetics to determine how many recessive traits you share and "spool" DNA from cells.

Polymer Science (grades 4-8)
Natural and man-made polymers are around, inside, and on you. You can explore one polymer that is a unique part of individual, DNA, and create another polymer—SLIME!

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