What if you could visit a totally cool museum, experience a real earthquake, experiment with building materials, and learn all about earthquakes, plate motion, and seismographs at the same time? You can at The Tech Museum! Come with us and visit the following: Galleries, IMAX, Science Labs

Use the Earthquake Gallery Guide as you visit the gallery to learn more about earthquakes.

Exploration Gallery
You will safely experience an earthquake, register your movement on a seismometer and construct buildings to withstand earthquakes of any magnitude.


On the domed screen of the Hackworth IMAX Theater, see how this mountain was formed and continues to evolve, how high altitude can effect a climber's body systems and how the Sherpa culture and tradition permeate the Mt. Everest experience.


Idea Lab: Everest on Top of The World (grades 5-12)
When the Earth's plates move, earthquakes are not the only effect. Mountain building is also caused by plate motion. In the Idea Lab, you will learn about Mount Everest through geology, geography, its local culture, and accounts of climbers.


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