At The Tech, you can learn about genes and DNA, solve a crime by using DNA evidence, and see how your face would look on the body of the recently cloned sheep—Dolly! Come with us and visit the following: Galleries, IMAX, Science Labs

Use the Genetics Gallery Guide as you visit the gallery to learn more about genetics.

Life Tech Gallery
In the Life Tech Gallery, you can solve a crime using the latest in DNA and forensic techniques, learn about genetically engineered food, and make ethical decisions about genetic testing on animals.


The Living Sea
On the domed screen of the Hackworth IMAX theater, you feel the power of the ocean as you surf thundering waves in Hawaii, ride a coast guard boat, follow an ROV 3,000 feet down into the ocean depths and come face to face with humpback whales and golden jellyfish. As you learn about genetics, you will develop a better understanding of amazing variety of life in the ocean.


Human Traits (grades 4-6)
What determines how we look, the color of our hair and eyes, how tall we grow or if we will go bald? You get to apply the basics of genetics to determine how many recessive traits you share and "spool" DNA from cells.

Introduction to DNA Fingerprinting (grades 7-12)
Use micropipettes and gel electrophoresis to identify the make up of a liquid found at a crime scene and figure out who did it!


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