Persuasive Letter Format


[DATE]* January 18, 2000

[ADDRESS] The Honorable Anna G. Eshoo
308 Cannon HOB
Washington DC 20515-0514


[SALUTATION] Dear (person's name / organization's name),

[MESSAGE] (should be in paragraphs. The first paragraph should tell the person / organization who you are and state the main argument you will use to persuade them .

The second, third and fourth paragraphs should persuade the organization to accept your point of view on the issue. You need to use scientific evidence to back up your point of view.

The final paragraph should summarize your point of view and ask the person/organization to take some sort of formal action. Remember that you do not need to indent your paragraphs in a formal letter.)

[CLOSING] Sincerely,


[SIGNATURE] Your name






*Note: the information bracketed in bold is for your information and should not be part of the actual letter you send.