At The Tech, you can design a killer bicycle, guide an underwater ROV, and learn how elements, compounds, and mixtures are used to create much-needed gear for going places. Come with us and visit the following: Galleries, IMAX, Science Labs

Use the Matter Gallery Guide as you visit the Galleries to learn more about matter.

Innovation Gallery
Build a circuit, design your own roller coaster, and take an air shower in a clean-room with real working microchip fabrication equipment. Check out many of the materials that have made Silicon Valley famous throughout the world.

Exploration Gallery
Investigate the specialized materials that allow people to explore the ocean depths and venture into space.


Our IMAX films change regularly. Please check our current listings and showtimes.

Chemical Reactions (grades 6-8)
What can bubble, change colors, and produce heat? Chemical reactions! Working in teams, you can observe the evidence of chemical reactions: color change, temperature change and formation of gas, and use these observations to puzzle out the identity of an unknown chemical!

Polymer Science (grades 4-8)
Natural and man-made polymers are around, inside, and on you. Explore one polymer that is a unique part of individual DNA and another polymer you will create—SLIME!

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