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The Bright Future Trivia Game

Join Polly Positron and learn more about what you can do to help our planet. 

The Tech Museum, Applied Materials, Inc., and are working together to open young minds to concepts of clean energy, global sustainability and the importance of collaborating to make our world a better place. The Bright Future Trivia Game provides a global, digitized experience for kids all over the world, ages 9+.
Create a cool avatar and play. You will learn about green concepts and green careers along the way. 
Join other kids all over the world to learn about ocean, wind, and solar power; nonrenewable and renewable energy; energy conservation, biodiversity and more. You will work through different categories and 3 different levels of questions. Play again to advance through the levels and increase your score. There are 200 questions in all. Are you an expert? Polly will guide you through. 
Kids play this game in The Tech Musuem that has been created in the virtual world on
To Log in: It will take only a couple minutes and soon you will be in the virtual version of The Tech Museum.
Go to the Log In page. 
Log In or Click the "New User? Click Here" link.
Create a character, name, and password.
Click the "Play Now" button to watch a one-minute training video.
Click the button to "Enter the Idea Seeker Universe".
This leads you directly to the virtual version of The Tech Museum.
Go to the table with the card game laying on top.
Click the table to start playing!
Bright Future Trivia Game supported by: Applied Materials  and brought to you by:  The Tech Museum