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Maker: Ayah Bdeir Founder

littleBits is an open-source kit of electronic components. The components snap to each other using magnets. By arranging the “bits” in sequence you can quickly create a simple circuit that takes inputs and also provides outputs. For example, you could connect a pressure sensor to a vibration motor—the motor then moves when you press on the pressure sensor.

How Does It Work
littleBits has four kinds of bits:
1. Power: supplies electricity to the circuit (BLUE)
2. Inputs: sensors and switches that trigger action (PINK)
3. Outputs: actuators and displays that respond to changes in the circuit (GREEN)
4. Connectors: wires or routers that assist or alter the flow of electricity (ORANGE)
About the Maker
Ayah is an interactive media artist and engineer. She grew up in Lebanon and Canada and studied at MIT Media Lab. She’s created artworks that explore issues of Arab identity.