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An Ode to Pi

Press Release Date 
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tech Museum celebrates 3.14 with giving campaign and recognition of all things pi  

SAN JOSE, CA – We want everyone to get a taste of The Tech Museum, so we're celebrating Pi Day in out-of-the-ordinary style.

Today, we're inviting the community to help send a student to the museum by offering Pi-like donations such as $3.14, $31.41, $314.10, $3,141.59, $31,415.90 or more! The goal, of course, is take an active role in helping to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

This is why we offer free Field Trips to The Tech Museum to all K-12 California schools. Our commitment to this field trip program requires us to raise funds from the community to cover the cost of the 140,000 children we host each school year.

We chose Pi Day because Pi is an innovative discovery of one of the most important mathematical constants used in countless technologies that we use daily.

They include:

Geometry problems that occur in drawing and machining

Signals on our radar, TV, radio and phones

Navigation such as global positioning

WHO/WHAT: The Tech Museum celebrates Pi Day with the kick off of a campaign for Pi-like donations to help raise funds to send students to the museum. Visitors will be part of a pi procession at 1:59 p.m.

WHEREView it here

For donations: Support us here

WHEN: Wednesday, March 14

Roqua Montez
Director Public Relations
(408) 795-6225

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