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Hundreds to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at The Tech Museum of Innovation for the Great California ShakeOut

“Quake Cottage” to offer simulated tumblers

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
SAN JOSE, CA – Buildings collapsing. The ground shifting. People in mortal fear.  What will you do?
Come to The Tech Museum and learn about how to respond when quakes rumble through the region as part of California’s largest earthquake drill, The Great California Shake Out. More than 200 students from around the Bay Area will join us for a lesson October 18 at precisely 10:18 a.m when they drop, cover and hold on and get life-saving tips on earthquake preparation.
A real-life simulated earthquake with videos and sound effects throughout the museum will be broadcast and students will actually perform the drill – scurrying under desks and tables – along with tens of thousands of participants around the state. After, students can roam through the museum to participate in hands-on activities, experience earthquakes in The Tech’s own earthquake simulator, and even build their own structures in different soils to see how earthquakes affect them in the special lab “Building For The Big One.”
Naomi Pease from the Silicon Valley America Red Cross will promote its newest app for Iphone and Android. Parked in front of the museum will be the one-of-a-kind Quake Cottage. The simulator is designed to show visitors why it’s important to secure your space with earthquake safety straps and why you should always have earthquake survival kits.
WHAT: The Great California ShakeOut. More than 200 Bay Area students are expected to participate in California’s largest earthquake drill. Students will learn the science behind earthquakes, how new technology is making preparedness easier, and how being prepared can save lives.
WHERE: The Tech Museum, 201 S. Market St., San Jose, CA
WHEN: Thursday, October 18, at exactly 10:18a.m.
Roqua Montez
Director Public Relations
(408) 795-6225
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