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About the Makers: Flight

We have an outstanding line-up of flight Makers for February's Meet-the-Makers talks.

Special guest Maker Moderator:
Dale Dougherty, Founder of MAKE Magazine, Maker Faire, Maker Education Initiative, and Maker Media.

Maker who works with kids and flight-related making:
Rick Schertle has taught middle school language arts and social studies the past 20 years in San Jose where he lives with his wife and young son and daughter.  As a kid, he and his dad tinkered at many things and become experts as none, but had a lot of fun along the way.  Trying to practice what he teaches, Rick writes for MAKE Magazine and several projects he designed for the magazine include the Compressed Air Rocket (Volume 15) and Folding Wing Glider (Volume 31).  Joined by thousands around the world, this past summer Rick kicked off Maker Camp at the New York Hall of Science. Rick brings high flying rocket fun to Maker Faire every year and along with his wife and kids, loves all things that fly.  Along with making stuff, Rick and his family enjoy ultra-budget world travel which has taken them all over Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America.

Maker from flight industry:
Chris Anderson is the CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones. From 2001–2012, he was the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine. Before Wired he was with The Economist for 7 years in London, Hong Kong and New York in various positions, ranging from Technology Editor to US Business Editor. He's the author of the New York Times bestselling books The Long Tail and Free as well as the new Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.  In 2007 he was named to "Time 100," the newsmagazine's list of the 100 most influential men and women in the world. He founded GeekDad, BookTour, a few other companies now lost in the mists of time. His background is in science, starting with studying physics and doing research at Los Alamos and culminating in 6 years at the 2 leading scientific journals, Nature (where he met his wife) and Science. Chris lives in Berkeley, with his wife and 5 children.

Young Makers:
Team Viper is (from left to right) John Boyer, Alex Jacobson, Joseph DeRose, Sam Frank, and Sam DeRose. John, Alex and Sam Frank are currently high school seniors at The Bay School of San Francisco, and Joseph is currently a freshman there. Sam DeRose is currently a freshman at Harvey Mudd College. They are all Young Maker veterans who have exhibited a number of past projects at Maker Faire, including Saphira the fire breathing dragon, a potato Gatling gun, and Fire Jam. For last year's Maker Faire, they raised funds on Kickstarter and built The Viper, a full-motion flight simulator based on the Sci-Fi TV series Battlestar Galactica.