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The Logo

Logos are available here for download. Whenever possible, please ask Creative Services to assist with logo requests. We can supply outside contacts with our helpful placement guidelines.
Requesting a Logo
Other types of logo formats and logos for other The Tech programs can be requested from Creative Services. Please provide a brief description of your proposed use, so that you will be provided the proper file format. You may email Whenever possible, when you create a document yourself, please submit it for a review by Creative Services.
® — The ”Circle R” 
The registration mark must appear in association with the symbol (2Ts). Do not remove, resize, or alter it’s presentation, as it is a part of the logo.
The first or most prominent use of the legal name in a document should be followed by the trademark symbol. When the trademark symbol is used, the following line should be added to the end of the document:
The Tech Museum of Innovation 2014 © All rights reserved. The Tech Museum of Innovation is a registered 501 (c)(3).

Available Logos for Download