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Silicon Valley Reads: Speaking of War Panel Discussion

Sunday, March 10, 2013
2:00 p.m.
New Venture Hall


How does it feel to leave your family, law practice and political career to serve your country? What images are burned into your memory during five years aboard warships and aircrafts? Do American journalists struggle to remain objective post 9-11? How does covering a war for a long period of time affect a reporter’s personal life? Do recent communication technologies and social media make it emotionally easier – or more difficult – for those who are in the field and those who wait at home?

These and other questions will be explored by four panelists who will describe their time in combat zones and how these experiences affected their lives and perspectives. 


Jeff Bush, KRON-TV reporter, who enlisted in the Navy at age 20 and worked as a combat photographer during Operation Desert Storm.
Scott Johnson, former Newsweek foreign correspondent and Bureau Chief for 12 years in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America, and the author of the forthcoming memoir The Wolf and the Watchman.
Otto Lee, intellectual property attorney and former Sunnyvale Mayor, who was deployed to Iraq for a year.
Tim McGirk, former Time Magazine Bureau Chief who covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Isaraeli-Palestinian conflict and the hunt for al-Qaeda.
Moderator: Barbara Marshman, Mercury News Editorial Page Editor

Co-sponsored by League of Women Voters, Southwest and San Jose-Santa Clara branches.
2 p.m., Tech Museum of Innovation. 
Free public event – you do not need to purchase museum admission
For more information call (408) 354-1242