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New Trends in Space Exploration: Partnerships, Commerce, and Beyond

Panel Discussion with Sophie-Charlotte Moatti, Dr. Bob Richards, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Kenneth E. Washington
Moderated by Angie Coiro
New Venture Hall
Sunday, March 18, 2:00 p.m.
It's not just about the Moon anymore. Space exploration has changed dramatically. Now focused on Mars and beyond, space exploration has shifted from government-driven strategies to partnerships and commerce-driven initiatives. Join the conversation about current trends in humanity's ongoing exploration and discoveries in Space, as well as new research opportunities and the quest to go further.
Sophie-Charlotte Moatti

Sophie-Charlotte (SC) Moatti is the founder of Spatial Ventures, a professional network advocating for space-related investment & entrepreneurship. Prior, SC has launched award-winning mobile consumer products used by millions of consumers. She was general manager of a top 1% app at Nokia and before that, a game producer at Electronic Arts. She holds a Stanford MBA and an MS in electrical engineering.
Dr. Bob Richards

Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards is a Co-Founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS, the Space Generation Foundation and Google Lunar X PRIZE competitors Odyssey Moon Ltd. and Moon Express, Inc., where he currently serves as CEO. Bob studied aerospace and industrial engineering at Ryerson University; physics and astronomy at the University of Toronto; and space science at Cornell University.
Dr. David Livingston

Dr. David Livingston is the founder and host of The Space Show®, the nation’s only talk radio show focusing on increasing space commerce, developing space tourism, and facilitating our move to a space-faring economy and culture. He earned his BA from the University of Arizona, his MBA and his Doctorate in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.
Dr. Kenneth Washington

Dr. Kenneth E. Washington is VP of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (SSC). In this role Ken is responsible for leading an organization of approximately 600 scientists and engineers performing research and development in space science and related adjacent markets. Ken has a BS, MS, and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University.