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How do Muslims view science and evolution?

Sunday, January 15, 2:00 p.m. 
Followed by conversation with Angie Coiro.
Salman Hameed is an astronomer and Assistant Professor of Integrated Science & Humanities at Hampshire College, Massachusetts. Currently, he is working on understanding the rise of creationism in contemporary Islamic world and how Muslims view the relationship between science & religion. He is also working with historian Tracy Leavelle at Creighton University to analyze reconciliation efforts between astronomers and Native Hawaiians over telescopes on top of sacred Mauna Kea in Hawaii. He teaches "History and Philosophy of Science & Religion" with philosopher Laura Sizer, and "Science in the Islamic World", both at Hampshire College. Salman and Laura Sizer are also responsible for the ongoing Hampshire College Lecture Series on Science & Religion and author of irtiqa: a science and religion blog.