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Maker: Kyle Doerksen, Mountain View, CA

Kyle wanted to re-create the feeling of snowboarding or surfing without having to head to the mountains or the beach. He designed One-Wheel—a one-wheeled, electric skateboard—as a way to glide around city streets.
How Does It Work
OneWheel travels at about 12 mph and runs for twenty to thirty minutes before its battery needs recharging. OneWheel responds to its rider’s movement through gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. These sensor help keep the board balanced while in motion. OneWheel’s tire is a racing go-cart tire.
Kyle loaned us two versions of his OneWheel skateboard: the version on the wall is an early prototype; the OneWheel on the stand is a more polished version of his idea.
Kyle says learning to ride OneWheel is quite easy: “Most people can learn to ride Onewheel in under a minute, making it much easier than snowboarding or unicycling.”
About the Maker
Kyle grew up in Canada, studied mechanical engineering at Stanford, and currently works at design firm IDEO. He loves tools and technology and wants to create a better future through engineering.