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About the Makers: Flow

Matthew Tung, Sammi McGinnis, Davis Dunaway, Andrew Ke
Young Makers, Willow Glen Makers

Matthew Tung is in 9th grade and attends Saratoga High School. He’s interested in building things, software, and music. He likes to read and play video games in his free time. Sami McGinnis is an 8th grader at Valley Christian Junior High. She loves to play her saxophone, read, write and she’s very interested in science, math, and medicine. Davis Dunaway is a 9th grader at Harker High School. His hobbies are playing bass and strategy games. The subjects he’s interested in currently are coding, electrical engineering, and physics. Andrew Ke is an 8th grader at Cupertino Middle School. His hobbies include computer programming, robotics, and electrical engineering. He enjoys playing soccer and taking apart old electronic things.

Josh Chan & Tarun Pondicherry, Co-Founders, LightUp Learning
Josh recently graduated from the Stanford Teacher Education Program, after teaching for a year at a local high school. Before that, he majored in Human Biology at Stanford. He is interested in applying sound pedagogical practices (and a touch of common sense and human empathy) to help people learn in and out of the classroom. Tarun graduated with a masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He received a BSE from Princeton University in 2011. He is interested in developing technology to reduce the barrier to learning STEM and making everyone comfortable with tinkering and creating their own technology. In the past Tarun worked on projects at One Laptop Per Child, Google, NVIDIA and his own StratoSim.
Jennifer Dick, Inside/Out Program Director, NEXMAP
An educator and program designer with experience in public education, non-profits, and museums, Jennifer's program work has spanned many topics, including college and career readiness, educational technology, cross-curricular project-based learning, and new media production. She received her master’s degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2012. A former SFUSD high school teacher, Jen feels very strongly about providing high quality, rigorous creative learning experiences for all youth.

Natalie Freed, Teacher & Technologist, MIT Media Lab High-Low Tech
Natalie Freed is a technologist and teacher with a lifelong love for craft. She received a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Arizona State University, and a M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT. She currently teaches programming at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, develops creative curriculum, and makes interactive books, electronic textile objects, and other fun things. She believes that technology is just another beautiful and fascinating material to play with.

Bryan Ressler, Engineer, eBay Research Labs, Musician & Artist
Bryan Ressler is an engineer, electronic musician, and visual artist living in Seattle, WA. Bryan has a long career in software engineering during which he worked at Apple, Claris, Adobe, Microsoft, four startups, and most recently eBay Research Labs. Since 2000 Bryan has been composing electronic music as Geodesic. Recently Bryan has branched out into visual art, specifically into an area he calls interactive computed light. His art pieces, some of them wearable, are celebrations of the interplay of sound, light, music, and the human form.
Masahiro Yachi, Researcher & Designer of STEAM Dojo, Benesse
Masahiro Yachi is a researcher at Benesse Corporation Silicon Valley office. His research interest is in development of technologies to allow learners to participate in design and build their own learning environment. He is the principal designer of STEAMDojo, a series of hands on workshops in The Tech Studio of The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Yuki Nishida, Researcher, AgIC Inc.
Yuki Nishida is a Master's student at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley campus and a supporting researcher of AgIC Inc. He explores usage of AgIC products for making and learning circuits more intuitive in collaboration with Benesse and The Tech Museum of Innovation.