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Open Make @ The Tech: Music

Saturday, April 13, 2013
A day of innovative music and technology making.

Open Make events are held in our innovative new space for making and learning, The Tech Studio.

Maker-Led Activities: Music
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Drop-in. Free with museum admission.
  • Sketch It! Play It!: As part of Intel's Start Making! initiative, sketch instruments with a pencil and bring them to life with Intel Maker, Jay Silver. Pencil graphite conducts electricity, so by drawing a picture, you'll be drawing a digital circuit. Plug your paper instrument into a jam station with lights and sound and get ready to rock out. Watch the Sketch It! Play It! video from the Portland Mini Maker Faire.
  • Sifteo Tunes: Play with Sifteo Cubes as you make technological tunes along with Sifteo Maker and Founder Dave Merrill.
  • MaKey MaKey: Make music with conductive materials and a giant MaKey MaKey created by Makers at Lawerence Hall of Science.
  • Drawdio: Paint with a conductive paintbrush based on Jay Silver's Drawdio design as you turn your painting into a musical instrument.
  • Musical Jacket: The conductive musical jacket returns, developed from Jay Silver's ok2touch jacket that used his Drawdio technology.
  • Music-Tech Projects: Engage with music projects from Young Makers and students from Menlo School's Applied Science Research class.
  • Arduino Beats: Make beats with Beatseqr, an arduino-based drum sequencer for electronic music with Makers Steve Cooley and Derek Scott.
  • Cool Music Apps: Tinker with music apps, from Jay Silver's Singing Fingers to Reactable Mobile.
  • Music/Technology Exhibits: Try out the full-scale Reactable upstairs, along with other music-related exhibits.
Meet-the-Makers: Music
12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Drop-in. Free with museum admission.

Meet-the-Makers as they share their passions for music and technology making, followed by a Q&A session. These talks bring together Makers innovating with music and technology, Young Makers working on music projects for Maker Faire, and Makers who have turned their projects and innovative mindsets into cool jobs in industry and started their own companies.
Jay Silver, Maker Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Inventor of MaKey MaKey, Singing Fingers, and Drawdio
Dave Merrill, Co-Founder and President, Sifteo, Inventor of Sifteo Cubes
Sudhu Tewari, Electro-Acoustic Composer, Improvisor, and Tinkerer in Sound, Kinetic, and Interactive Art
Carl Edwards, Director of Device Engineering, Pandora
Linh Nguyen, Applied Science Research, Menlo School
Young Maker Plussing Session #4
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
An opportunity for students in Young Makers clubs working on a project for Maker Faire to share their ideas, progress, challenges, and next steps with other participants. (Plussing is a term used at Pixar to mean "finding what's good about an idea and making it even better").
For registered Young Makers and their mentors. Learn how to join a Young Makers club. Young Makers get free museum admission on Open Make days +1 adult mentor. Additional family members get into the museum at group rates.