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Power Tower

Experiment with harnessing sun, wind and water power, exploring some of the strategies that can be used to best used to harness these natural forces to produce green energy. Work collaboratively and make the power tower light up. 

A tall Energy Tower in the Green by Design exhibit has at its base three activity stations where visitors can harness renewable energy.  One station is an experimental wind tunnel, where visitors can design and test their own wind turbines.  Another is a water table, where visitors design a water turbine to harness water energy, while the third features a solar panel, giving visitors the opportunity to design a solar concentrator to capture energy from the Sun.  The Energy Tower lights up from the output from the stations at its base – the more power provided to it by wind, water or solar energy sources, the more it lights up. This tower really gives kids a great understanding for how natural resources can be harnessed to create energy.