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Resolution is an interactive artwork that lets you program its physical pixels and reshape them in an ever-changing flow of patterns. Each pixel is an independent computer that reacts to you and to its environment.

Resolution’s array of tangible bits can be considered part of a new class of objects — viscerally interactive and embedded with computing ability. The work lets visitors  experience how technology is enabling new forms of art, new tools for design, and whole new ecologies of connected, physical objects.
Created by contemporary art duo Zigelbaum + Coelho, Resolution was commissioned especially for and displayed first at The Tech Museum. It debuted with the opening of the Zero1 2012 Biennial festival.
Zigelbaum + Coelho's work is rooted in the art and science of tangible media, which seeks to “give form to digital information”.
About the artists:
“Zigelbaum + Coelho is a design studio based in Boston, MA and founded by Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcelo Coelho. Operating at the intersection of design, technology, science, and art, their work utilizes physical, computational, and cultural materials in the service of creating new, but fundamentally human, experiences.”
More about the artists
Learn more about their collaboration with The Tech Museum at The Tech Open Source.
Artist profile photo credit: Jeff Lieberman
Artwork photo credit: Bryan Derballa