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View from Space

View from Space is an experience based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Science On a Sphere®.  One of the few systems in the U.S., this gorgeous exhibit features a large sphere, approximately six feet in diameter, and two projectors that cast rotating images onto the sphere, creating the effect of Earth in Space. View from Space appeals to anyone who ever wanted to be an astronaut! See the beauty of the nightscape spread across the globe. Observe Earth like you've never seen it before. This exhibit space allows you to observe complex and detailed scientific information in an easily understandable, visually stunning form. Stop by to enjoy the view and watch a presentation about Earth. 

The sphere and projector system at the heart of View of Space represent a significant technological achievement.  The exhibit also relies on data collected with satellites and other technologies that are being used by scientists and technologists around the world to help us understand and make predictions about our dynamic environment and the future of our planet.

Dr. Alexander MacDonald, of the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory, was a Laureate of The Tech Awards in 2003 for developing this visualization system.