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Simple Bots

Maker: Randy Safaran, Community Manager Instructables/Autodesk, San Francisco, CA

Simple bots are whimsical robots assembled with simple motors and common household items.
How Does It Work
Randy models the movement of his robots on the movement of living creatures. He writes in his e-book:
Life occurs in the balance between the entirely natural/chaotic (flocks of bird/leaves in the wind), and the entirely mechanized/predictable (pistons/elevators). An object that seems to move in an entirely random manner does not typically seem any more alive than an object which seems entirely mechanical. An object starts to take on living attributes when it has predictable unpredictability.
Randy uses everyday items—scrub brushes, CDs, plastic spoons, or old
phone receivers—to create quirky, lively movements in his ‘bots.
About the Maker
Randy Sarafan is a new-media artist and author. He wrote the books “62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer” and “Simple Bots.” He is also technology editor for