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Makers: Evan Murphy, Marshall Grinstead, and Michael Woods, E&M Labs, Menlo Park, CA

Skallops is a construction toy that uses laser cut clips—Skallops—and regular playing cards to help you make models. The slots in Skallops’ clips are cut at different angles. When you insert a card into a slot, it takes on the angle of the slot. Clips can also be attached to each other—the notch at the base of a clip attaches to the notch of another clip.
How Does It Work
Slide a card into a clip’s slot. Attach that card and clip to another card and begin building a flexible sculpture. Because the cards are not too rigid and Skallops’ clips have a variety of angled slots, you can create both angular and organic forms.
About the Makers
Evan, Marshall, and Michael went to CalTech. Marshall dreamed up Skallops when he was child.