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Makers: Christopher Myers and Anne Mayoral, San Francisco, CA

SpinBots are made with laser-cut parts, zip ties, and surplus/recycled motors. The ‘bots spin in a circle; when pens are attached to their legs they draw a series of rings.

How Does It Work
The SpinBot body is a simple triangular shape with three legs. A vibrating motor is attached to one leg and colored pens are attached to the other two legs. You turn a Spinbot on by pressing the grey button at the front of the ‘bot. When you place the ‘bot on our paper mat, the vibrating motor causes the robot to move. The robot’s body design, combined with the movement of the vibrating motor, causes the robot to spin in a circle and create its spirograph-esque ring patterns.
About the Makers
Christopher Myers and Anne Mayoral, San Francisco, CA
Christopher is a product designer who teaches Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University. Anne is a toy designer. Christopher and Anne lead workshops that show children how to create art ‘bots.
See an interview of Christopher and Anne by Make founder Dale Dougherty