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Squishy Circuits

Maker: Ann Marie Thomas, University of St. Thomas, St. Thomas, MN

Squishy Circuits uses two versions of homemade playdough to create conductive and non-conductive “wires.” Just add batteries, build your playdough “wires,” and verify that electricity is flowing by adding an LED, a sound-maker, or a motor to your circuit
How Does It Work
Dough with a lot of salt added is conductive. Dough with a lot of sugar added is not very conductive. Salty dough acts as a wire and sugary dough acts as an insulator.
About the Maker
AnnMarie has a PhD in mechanical engineer from CalTech and worked as a professor of engineering and design. She invented Squishy circuits as a way to engage her young daughter with electronics. AnnMarie recently became director of the Maker Education Initiative.