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Super Skee Ball Shooter

Maker: Michael Newman, Sherman Oaks, CA 

Shoot ping-pong balls at a target using hand gestures. This game, like the Big Ball Maze game, takes an old-fashioned game and updates it with technology.
How Does It Work
Super Skee Ball Shooter has two parts: a shooter station that launches ping-pong balls and a catcher station that catches the balls. If the game is turned off, go behind the catcher station and turn on the power strip, the mac mini (click on a black switch on the mac left side), and the electronics’ switch (the electronics are on the bottom left side of the catcher station). Next go to the shooter station and turn on the shooter’s motor switch—a silver toggle switch on the right hand side. Next to the toggle is a red reset button—press this to reset the score displayed on the catcher station’s screen. Wait a few seconds for the motor on the shooter station to get up to speed. Load in pingpong balls into the launcher’s top pipe.
Wake up the game by gently waving your hand. This simple gesture tells the game to track your arm. After you wave, a green grid appears on the scoreboard screen. Move your hand back and forth, up and down with a flat, open palm—a green square on the green grid moves in sync with your hand’s movement. The ping-pong launcher also follows your hand’s movement. When you want to shoot a ball, pull your hand back slightly—the screen’s green square turns blue. Then, slowly push your hand forward, moving in straight line at a steady, slow speed. The blue square on the catcher’s display turns red and a pingpong ball is launched. If the ball lands in one of the catcher’s rings, you earn game points.
About the Maker
Michael worked as a Creative Director and founded a social media company. He lives in L.A. and tinkers with physical computing in his spare time.