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Online Learning Fun

The Bright Future Trivia Game

Join Polly Positron and learn more about what you can do to help our planet. 
The Tech Museum, Applied Materials, Inc., and are working together to open young minds to concepts of clean energy, global sustainability and the importance of collaborating to make our world a better place. The Bright Future Trivia Game provides a global, digitized experience for kids all over the world, ages 9+. Learn more.

The Spirit of American Innovation: The National Medal of Technology

Learn about the Medal winners through in-depth biographies, personal stories, and firsthand accounts of the sometimes difficult path to innovation. Click on 3 different immersive panoramas: home, office, and hospital, to discover the profound change innovation has brought to the world. Then try to match some Medal winners to their childhood pictures and stories. Launch

The Satellite Site

Explore what satellites do, how they work, and the different types of orbits they can have. Build your own satellite with your friends and family online! Launch


If you think robots are mainly the stuff of space movies, think again. Right now, all over the world, robots are on the move. They’re painting cars at Ford plants, assembling Milano cookies for Pepperidge Farms, walking into live volcanoes, driving trains in Paris, and defusing bombs in Northern Ireland. As they grow tougher, nimbler, and smarter, today’s robots are doing more and more things we can’t –or don’t want to–do. Learn More

Online Learning Archive

An archive of past favorites from 1995 - 1999. Please enjoy but keep in mind that some links and content may be outdated.