The Tech Interactive Data Breach

April 28, 2024 - The Tech Interactive was recently a victim of a ransomware attack which impacted some of the file storage systems on our internal network.

A file server on our network, where customer names, emails and addresses may have been stored, was accessed during the attack. It is still unclear whether a data breach occurred. However, it is possible that some internal employee, human resources, and accounting data may have been stolen.

The Tech does not store payment card data on its network. We also do not store personally identifiable information on guests under 18. Our externally hosted donor, membership and HR systems were not impacted.

Upon learning of the attack, The Tech IT team began immediately taking steps to contain, assess and remediate the incident, including isolating affected systems and hiring external cybersecurity experts. The breach was also reported to the FBI. At this time the organization has not identified the responsible parties, and the investigation is ongoing.

Current employees have been informed of the breach as well as our board of directors. However, it is very important for us to be transparent with all of our stakeholders including donors, members and former employees. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.