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New planning tools to help you prepare for a comfortable, stress-free visit.

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A Sensory-Friendly Adventure

A visit to The Tech Interactive is a fun, hands-on way to experience STEM. But what is it like inside and what can I expect to do? Not knowing can be intimidating or prevent some people from wanting to visit.

As a part of our ongoing work to create a more welcoming and inclusive space for everyone, we have developed two sensory-friendly tools to help plan your visit. These tools were developed with help and consultation from Debbie Drennan, Assistive Technology Specialist.

We recognize we may not have accounted for all sensitivities. Please speak with any member of our Visitor Services team if you or your family need additional assistance.

*During Polar Play Days, Nov 25 - Jan 15, the Interactive will have polar themed activations and decorations throughout the building.

Sensory Guide

Sensory Guide is a tool for informing visitors what sensory challenges they may face while visiting an unfamiliar location.

Download Sensory Guide
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Social Story

Our Social Story has images and short descriptions of what to expect on a typical visit to The Tech.

Download Social Story
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Our tools are works in progress and we appreciate any input you may have to make them better so that all families can feel comfortable visiting. Let us know what you think about these tools and what other resources you would like to see at The Tech by taking our survey.

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