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Global Music Icon and Tech Visionary,, Honored with the 2023 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award by The Tech Interactive

Sixth Annual Tech for Global Good Celebration to Recognize Innovative Organizations Advancing Health Equity through Technology and Data Science

Nov. 1, 2023, San Jose, CA — The Tech Interactive will honor global music artist, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist with the 2023 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award, presented by Applied Materials, Inc., at its sixth annual Tech for Global Good celebration on Saturday, Nov. 4. That night, The Tech Interactive’s newest class of Tech for Global Good laureates –  innovative organizations that use technology to significantly advance health equity and improve lives – will also be honored and celebrated.

“We are delighted to celebrate's remarkable contributions to improving equality and access to STEAM education,” said Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of The Tech. “He embodies the very essence of a global humanitarian who empowers individuals and communities through technology, and his positive influence is undeniable.”

As a creative innovator, futurist, and tech entrepreneur,’s mission is to give every child, regardless of zip code equal access to quality public education, including STEAM skills. His Angel Foundation supports STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education programs for more than 12,000 disadvantaged youth in grades K – 12 in Los Angeles, including the College Track after-school tutoring center and college scholarship program, the Boyle Heights STEM Magnet High School in East Los Angeles, and hundreds of after-school robotics clubs in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

"This award speaks volumes to the incredible team behind the Angel Foundation which is committed to  improving public education so that every child has the opportunity to learn, engage and excel,” said “It fuels my passion to continue expanding our outreach in STEAM education and beyond."

At the Tech for Global Good Celebration, will participate in a fireside chat with the 2023 Global Humanitarian Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn and Partner at Greylock. The James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award recognizes individuals whose vision and leadership are focused on solving global problems. Previous recipients include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Dean Kamen and Queen Rania Al Abdullah. The award is named after Jim Morgan, Chairman Emeritus of Applied Materials and a recipient of the National Medal of Technology.


The 2023-2024 Tech for Global Good Laureates

Aluna, San Francisco, CA

Presented by The Swanson Foundation

Aluna makes hardware and software that helps people with breathing problems. Their portable spirometer gives real-time information about lung health to patients and doctors, helping them better manage their respiratory conditions from home. Aluna's game-like phone app tracks and motivates users in their respiratory health journey.


Arcade Therapeutics, New York, NY

Arcade Therapeutics creates research-backed mobile games that treat mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Their mission is to transform breakthrough scientific findings into fun, accessible, and empowering therapeutic tools to improve mental health and wellbeing.


Biobot Analytics*, Cambridge, MA

Presented by Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

Biobot Analytics monitors wastewater to detect viruses, high-risk substances, and other risks to community health. Their technology provides early warnings, enabling communities to take action and prevent health threats from turning into major crises.


CIONIC*, San Francisco, CA

Presented by NetApp

Cionic helps people with mobility differences walk faster and easier with their wearable Neural Sleeve device. Their breakthrough technology integrates sensors, personalized algorithms, and functional electrical stimulation to coordinate leg movements, providing a seamless and effective solution for enhancing mobility.

The honorees will be featured in educational materials, workshops and in an exhibition at The Tech Interactive, impacting thousands of students, parents and educators.

*Data Science Laureate: To continue our work in advancing data science education, we have chosen two laureates who use data to create a more equitable future and advance their work.

Media Contact: is The Tech Interactive's 2023 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian.
Charvi Setty of Aluna
Charvi Setty, Founder of Aluna
Tracy Dennis stands in Manhattan with her phone.
Tracy Dennis, Founder of Arcade Therapeutics
Two women stand proudly on a street in Boston, MA
Newsha Ghaeli and Dr. Mariana Matus, Co-Founders of Biobot
Man stands with CIONIC mobility pants on a hill in San Francisco
Jeremiah Robison, Founder of CIONIC


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