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The Tech Interactive to give more families access to quality learning resources through sponsorship from Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

Three-year sponsorship will produce fun and engaging activities and opportunities for little learners

August 17, 2022, San Jose, CA – The Tech Interactive has announced plans to create delightful and engaging resources for families to explore critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a new sponsorship from Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. As part of the three-year program, The Tech will create a STEAM activity guide available at libraries and healthcare practices later this month. The agreement will also build new and exciting ways to encourage visitors to enjoy Climb The Cascade, presented by Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, and develop another exciting attraction for visitors next year. 

“We’re thrilled to support such a creative and entertaining way to help kids discover their problem-solving potential,” said Les Lifter, Chief Marketing Officer of Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. “This sponsorship provides a winning opportunity for our shared community and creates a fantastic environment to help more kids and their families get excited about science.”

Prior sponsorship from Stanford Medicine Children’s Health made possible one of The Interactive’s most popular attractions, Climb the Cascade. The engineering design activity encourages families to build a device that delivers a ball onto platforms of varying heights. Visitors put on hard hats, choose fun materials and explore mechanical engineering concepts by tweaking their designs over and over. It’s not unusual to see innovators of all ages spend hours perfecting their device. 

“We are grateful for this support at a time when so many families are looking for fun ways to enrich their kids’ education during the pandemic,” said Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of The Tech and learning sciences expert. “Delivering hands-on STEM activities anyone can do at home to waiting rooms and libraries will also go far in helping families fall in love with learning.” 

The activity guide will be available in English and Spanish starting this month. 

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A group of young innovators launch a ball with the device they’ve built at Climb the Cascade, presented by Stanford Medicine Children’s Health.

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