Responsible Reservoirs

Grade Levels: 5-8 | Duration: 20+ mins

Responsible Reservoirs

Play a game that shows the complicated cause and effect relationship involved in major environmental decisions.

Tech at Home activity

Lab Connections Icon Lab Connection: Sustainable Cities Lab

Grade Levels: 5-8

Duration: 20+ minutes

Concepts/Skills: Computational thinking, decomposition, cause and effect, human and environment interaction, hydroelectric power

Standards Connections

Next Generation Science Standards
Grade Performance Expectation Description
5 ESS2-1 Develop a model using an example to describe ways the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and/or atmosphere interact.
MS ESS3-4 Construct an argument supported by evidence for how increases in human population and per-capita consumption of natural resources impact Earth's systems.
HS ETS1-3 Evaluate a solution to a complex real-world problem based on prioritized criteria and trade-offs that account for a range of constraints, including cost, safety, reliability, and aesthetics as well as possible social, cultural, and environmental impacts.
Related Standards 5-ESS2-2, MS-ESS3-3, HS-ESS3-1
Science and Engineering Practices Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
Cross Cutting Concepts Cause and Effect, Systems and System Models
Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts
Grade Standard Description
8-12 W.[8-12].1.A

Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

a. Introduce claim(s), acknowledge and distinguish the claim(s) from alternate or opposing claims, and organize the reasons and evidence logically.

California History – Social Science Framework
Grade Standard Description
8 8.8.4.

Examine the importance of the great rivers and the struggle over water rights.