Team Members

Welcome to The Tech Challenge! Everything your team needs to get started and be successful can be found below.

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Step One

Have your adviser register your team.

Step Two

Be sure to read the team guide and the rules. These will give you all the details on the challenge.

Team Guide Rules

Step Three

You need to register for and attend an in-person Info Clinic or review the online info clinic mini-course. We also recommend your team attend a team workshop. 

After you have some prototypes or partial ideas built, you can attend some test trials and get feedback from judges. While not required, we have found that teams who attend test trials perform better at the showcase.


Speaking of the showcase, be sure to get it on your calendar early! The 2024 Showcase will take place Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28, 2024. Find out more about what to expect here.

Student Resources

Practice Judge Interview Questions

  • Tell me about:
    • your brainstorming.
    • the source of your ideas.
    • how you worked as a team.
    • how you tested your solution.
  • What idea did you choose as your solution? Why?
  • How does your design work? 
  • What did you choose to document in your journal? Why?
  • How did each of you contribute?
  • How did you build your solution?
  • Tell me about your failures.

Templates and Template Samples

Books, Videos, and Websites

These books are available either at your local library or inexpensively through Amazon.


Have a question about The Tech Challenge? Check our FAQ's to see if it’s already been answered. If not, email your questions to We are happy to provide you with an answer within three business days.