Photography Policy

We look forward to welcoming you to The Tech Interactive. Before your arrival, we kindly request you familiarize yourself with our photography and videography policy outlined below.

Photography and Videography Policy 

When you enter The Tech Interactive (The Interactive) or participate in one of our events, you should be aware that photography, video, and audio recording may take place. Those who prefer not to have their image or audio recorded for distribution are encouraged to print and bring a signed copy of our Photography Opt-Out form with you on your visit. 

By entering The Interactive or participating in its events, and by not providing written notification of your wish to not have your image or audio utilized by The Interactive as outlined, you (and any minors in your care) are granting The Interactive the right to:

  • Use any pictures, portraits, voices, or recordings of you and any minors in your custody (“Your Likenesses”);
  • Use all materials obtained in association with your visit for marketing, advertising, and promotion of The Interactive in any format or media, including but not limited to prints, digital, and video formats, without restrictions on time or reproduction method, especially including online platforms;
  • Waive any rights to royalties or compensation arising from the use of Your Likenesses or any materials captured during your visit;
  • Forego any right to inspect or approve the use of Your Likenesses or Interactive-Captured Materials, acknowledging that any such materials are the property of The Interactive and its Affiliates;
  • Acknowledge the discretion of The Interactive and its Affiliates regarding the feature, display, or publication of any materials containing Your Likenesses or Interactive-Captured Materials.
  • By your presence, you also release The Interactive and its Affiliates from all claims related to using Your Likenesses and the rights granted in this policy. This release is to be interpreted broadly in favor of The Interactive and its Affiliates to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Please note that these policies may be updated at Tech Interactive’s discretion without prior notice. By visiting us, you agree to comply with the terms outlined above.