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The Tech Interactive Ignites National AI Literacy Day With Inaugural Summit In San Jose

More than 1,100 Students Dive into AI Exploration, Joined by Leading Educators, Industry Experts, Government Leaders, and Community Advocates

San Jose, April 19, 2024 – In a groundbreaking collaboration, The Tech Interactive, a world-renowned science, technology, and education center in the heart of Silicon Valley, is spearheading the inaugural National AI Literacy Day Summit. It is one of three national live events happening in the United States on Friday, April 19 to celebrate National AI Literacy Day. In partnership with aiEDU, AI for Education, EdSafe AI Alliance (InnovateEDU), and Common Sense Media, the summit aims to bring K-12 students, educators, and communities together through an immersive exploration and discussion of artificial intelligence. 

Embracing the spirit of The Hour of Code, this landmark event will empower participants with a deeper understanding of AI's impact and potential. More than 1,100 students from Bay Area schools will take field trips to The Tech Interactive to participate in hands-on activities designed to demystify AI and spark curiosity. Meanwhile, educators, industry leaders, government officials, and community members will engage in dynamic discussions about advancing AI literacy, equity, and accessibility in the classroom.

The summit's agenda encompasses critical themes such as preparing students for an AI-driven world and the indispensable role of community partnerships in fostering AI literacy. Notable speakers include: Matt Mahan, Mayor of San Jose; Jonathan Porat, CTO for the State of California; Kathrin Probst, Director of Engineering, Google for Education; Ellen Pack, President, Common Sense Media; Sonia Malik, Global Program Director for Skills Build, IBM; Alexandru Costin, VP, Generative AI and Firefly, Adobe; Michael de la Cruz, Sr. Director of Education, Microsoft. 

"Fostering AI literacy requires a collaborative effort that transcends boundaries," says Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of The Tech Interactive, who was recently recognized among GSV Venture's 2024 Leading Women in AI. "By uniting stakeholders across sectors, we can collectively empower every child to participate equitably in the AI revolution. National AI Literacy Day embodies our commitment to learning, problem-solving, and paving the way for a safer, more inclusive AI ecosystem for all."

Embracing its role as a leading hub for science and technology education, The Tech has released new AI resources for Grades 4-12, including lesson plans, discussion guides, and videos. The Tech Interactive is also showcasing exhibits featuring prototypes of immersive AI utilizing speech recognition and visual display, robotics utilizing machine learning with visual recognition, and an image generation interactive. These exhibits aim to highlight AI usage and increase comprehension and participation among visitors. The museum also unveiled a new TikTok filter that challenges users to discern between AI-generated and non-AI generated images.

Additionally, many national organizations have published free resources for National AI Literacy Day to support educators across the country.

  • Common Sense offers grab-and-go lessons, a webinar series, and explainer videos on AI literacy for Grades 6-12, plus an upcoming 1-hour asynchronous professional development session for educators in May. 
  • The Stanford Accelerator for Learning and the Stanford Graduate School of Education introduced CRAFT (Classroom-Ready Resources About AI For Teaching), a collection of free resources for high school teachers to foster critical thinking about AI. 
  • The Stanford Graduate School of Education released a series of explainer videos featuring faculty members discussing AI and education.

For educators and parents eager to join the AI literacy movement, a library of free resources and live and on-demand professional development series are available online at

The National AI Literacy Day Summit is made possible by the generous financial support from IBM SkillsBuild, Booz Allen Hamilton, Google, Adobe, Salesforce, and Stanford Accelerator for Learning.

Note: Photos and video of the 2024 National AI Literacy Day hosted at The Tech Interactive can be found here. Contact for more information.

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