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What is AI and how will it shape our future?

Chances are that the more you hear about artificial intelligence (AI), the more questions you have about this emerging technology. Whether you’re an educator or just curious about AI, we’re here to help.
The Tech will be hosting events, creating educational resources, and more. We believe that when everyone feels empowered to use and understand a new technology, then the future that technology creates will be better for all of us.

National AI Literacy Day

AI Literacy Day LogoJoin The Tech in celebrating National AI Literacy Day on Friday, April 19, 2024! Download one of The Tech’s activity resources below to run in your classroom or program, or attend a professional development workshop. Check out the National website for more resources and opportunities for educators!

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AI Resources and Lessons

Machine Learning Unplugged

Grades 4-12

Who says you need a computer to learn about artificial intelligence? In this unplugged activity, take the role of a wildlife conservationist who uses data to refine and test a machine learning algorithm.

Lesson: 45 minutes

AI for Global Good

Grades 4-12

Examine several organizations using AI in their work. Consider the strengths and limitations of using AI to create change.

Lesson: 40 minutes

AI Inclusiveness

Grades 6-8

Explore the problem of bias in artificial intelligence through design activities and a series of video clips featuring The Tech for Global Good laureate, AI4ALL.

Lesson: 190 minutes

AI Awesomeness

From wildlife conservation to automating power line inspections, modern innovators are discovering an infinite number ways to put AI to work for global good.

Learn how Tech for Global Good laureates are sprinkling AI magic into their endeavors.

Spanish Language Podcasts

We have partnered with Craneo: Ciencia para Niños a Spanish language podcast for children who are curious about the world. Check out these episodes!
Spanish Podcast¿Cómo viajan las fotos por Internet?
How do pictures travel over the Internet?

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AI Spanish PodcastInteligencia Artificial: ¿Es un cerebro digital?
Artificial Intelligence: Is it a digital brain?

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Want to see artificial intelligence in action? Check out Animaker on the Upper Level! 

Animaker uses machine learning, 3D scanning, and visual recognition to identify the animals you show it.

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