Save the Species Challenge

Consider the complex challenges facing endangered wildlife. Each team of students will develop and present plans that protect the needs and constraints of a different species around the globe.

Lesson Plan

Student Booklets:


Design Problem: You and your team run an animal conservation foundation. Community members who work with your team’s animal species have asked you to develop plans for helping to conserve this animal population.

Concepts/Skills: Environment, brainstorming, problem-solving, communication, conservation, systems design

Grade Levels: 7-12

Duration: Four sessions (60 minutes each)

Objectives: Students will:

  • Identify a specific problem within the complex needs of an endangered species.
  • Create solutions that address the needs of a protected area.
  • Refine their solution based on feedback from another team.
  • Present their ideas to communicate the need addressed, their solution and the impact.


Smart Parks





Wild Me


The Innovators

The Problem

The Solution

The Impact