Gyroscope Dancing

Grade Levels: 1-12 | Duration: 15 minutes

How smooth are your dance moves? Can you spin like a gyroscope without falling over? Gyroscope dancing involves keeping one part of the body completely still while dancing with the rest. In this experiment, dancers will see if they can keep the accelerometers on their smartphone from detecting motion while they move and groove. All you need is a smartphone, the Arduino Science Journal app, an armband phone holder and at least two people! Gyroscope Dancing is a fun data challenge for your brain and your body!

Grade Levels: 1-12

Duration: 15 minutes

Concepts/Skills: Data literacy, forming hypotheses, experimentation, defining and testing variables

Objectives: Students will:

  • Test ability to move smoothly while dancing using the accelerometers on the Arduino Science Journal app.
  • Try to interpret a partner’s dance moves from the graphs on the Science Journal app.