Pollinator Pit Stop

Educator Guide: 60 min (2 sessions, plus observation time) Activity: 60 minutes 3–4 days to observe

Grade Levels: 1-5

Create a temporary habitat for a pollinator insect. Put the habitat outside and observe the results over a few days, then iterate on the design.

Grade Levels: 1-5

Educator Guide: 60 minutes (2 sessions, plus observation time)

Activity: 60 minutes; 3–4 days to observe

Concepts/Skills: Habitats, ecology, design thinking


  • Explore the needs of specific pollinators by designing a pollinator pit stop, a temporary habitat made of both natural and maker materials.
  • Observe the habitat’s condition over time and record their observations.
  • Iterate on the design of their pollinator pit stop based on their observations.