Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip

Video Duration: 30 minutes, Pre and Post activities: 90 minutes

Grade Levels: K-12

This career-focused virtual field trip takes your students on a road trip through Silicon Valley to meet some of the region’s most innovative tech experts. Viewers get a sneak peek inside some real-life medical labs, workshops and makerspaces and hear advice about how they can follow their passions to work in tech, too!
Along the way, they’ll get to experience some of our favorite exhibits and make the connection between what we do here and the exciting work of tech engineers and entrepreneurs.

Grade Levels: K-12

Duration: Video: 30 min,  Pre and Post activities: 90 min


  • Explore the meaning and scope of technology.
  • Learn about STEM careers and consider careers they may be passionate about.
  • Investigate innovations in tech and consider how they can be used to change the world for the better.