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Design Challenge Learning is a dynamic way for learners to become creative problem-solvers and it’s at the heart of what we do at The Tech Interactive! 

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Innovation Design Process

Learn about the power of the Innovation Design Process.

Framing the Challenge

Essential elements to engage all learners in design challenges, including narratives, criteria and constraints.


Methods for inspiring innovation at the start of a challenge.

Materials Strategies for Engineering Design

Managing low-cost, accessible materials for engineering design.

Prototyping - Test, Reflect, Iterate

Encourage iteration and perseverance throughout the design process.

Sharing Solutions

Create a classroom culture that supports communication, constructive feedback and iteration.

Innovator Mindsets

Tools for fostering collaboration, perseverance, curiosity, empathy and boldness with engineering design.

Designing a Design Challenge

The essential elements and tools for creating your own design challenge.

Design Challenge Assessment

Discover how to effectively evaluate skills like boldness, perseverance and collaboration.

Additional Resources

A behind the scenes look at a design challenge in action.

What is engineering?

Where design and innovation meet.

The Language of Engineering

Vocabulary that builds confidence in engineering.

Data Collection - Reflecting on Your Design

Use quantitative and qualitative observations to refine designs.

Challenge Cards

Use these cards to introduce iteration and redesign to any design challenge.

Engineering Education Principles

Key principles for teaching engineering through design challenge learning in any setting.

8 Elements of STEM Preparation

Created by our STEM Pathways Steering Committee, this grade level resource guides the key skills and experiences critical to STEM careers.

Computational Thinking

Teach computational thinking and computer programming in any setting.

See Computational Thinking Resources

Systems Design

Develop the problem-solving skills to create change for global good.

See Systems Design Resources

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Our hands-on Exploring Engineering series will STEM-ify your program.

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