Online Course

Intro to Design Challenge Learning

Are you passionate about bringing the problem-solving power of Design Challenge Learning to your learners?

Our online course will guide you through the core methods for facilitating design challenges and prepare you to implement them in your learning setting. Get your learners excited about STEM while you experience engineering as a learner AND as an educator.

Course Content & Outcomes


Introduction to Design Challenge Learning is composed of five core modules:

  • Introduction to The Tech’s Innovation Design Process
  • Try a sample design challenge
  • Essential parts of a design challenge
  • Facilitating a design challenge 
  • Assessment of design challenges
  • Understand how to facilitate design challenge learning
  • Experience using the Innovation Design Process 
  • Assess design challenge learning
  • Integrate design challenges into any learning setting  


Design Challenge Learning Basics

Cost: Free

Design Challenge Learning Full Bundle

Our self-paced online modules will take about seven hours to complete. Once your payment is processed, you will be granted access to the course for one year. 

If you’re learning as a group, ask us about a hybrid option with live check-ins.  

Cost: $99

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