BioDesign Studio

Biology has become a powerful and revolutionary technology in today’s world, uniquely poised to transform and propel innovation in the near future. BioDesign Studio engages the public in interactive exhibits that spark imagination and confidence with the burgeoning fields of synthetic biology, bioengineering, biological design and DIY biology.

To demystify these cutting-edge fields and technologies, visitors are empowered to explore, tinker and design with the building blocks of life. The gallery delivers more than just knowledge; it allows people of all ages to personally create with biology. We hope to inspire and equip the creative problem‐solvers of the future with a biological tool kit and mindset. 


BioDesign Studio is located on the Upper Level, past Innovations in Health Care.

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Exploring Ethics and Biotech

The Tech has partnered with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University to help people identify and respond to the ethical questions presented by technology. Learn more: