Behind the BioTinkering Lab

Our Unique Approach


The Tech’s award-winning Biotinkering Initiative explores the squishy intersection of biology, design, technology and making to create unique experiences that empower people of all ages and backgrounds to use biology as a creative and problem-solving medium.

We blend elements of traditional scientific inquiry with the engineering-focused practices of making, tinkering, and design challenge learning and apply them to biology! Our biotinkering activities aim to authentically engage young people with science as a personally relevant process by supporting learner agency, choice, and open-ended exploration.

Biotinkering Experience Goals

  • Enable everyone to experiment, create, and problem solve using biology.
  • Provide opportunities for direct engagement with novel lab tools, ideas, and organisms.
  • Support curiosity-driven exploration and tinkering with biological systems.
  • Foster confidence and STEM identity with a combination of fun and authentic science.
  • Inspire and excite participants about the future possibilities of biotechnology.

Inside Our Development Process

Peek behind the lab door to learn about the science, activity design, prototyping, and more! 

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Collaborations and Community Projects

We work to support, partner, and co-create with our community, both in and outside of The Tech!

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Recognition and Honors

In 2019, the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) honored the Biotinkering Lab with the Roy. L Shafer Leading Edge Award for extraordinary accomplishments in Visitor Experience.

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Science Education Partnership Award

Biology has become a powerful and revolutionary technology, uniquely poised to transform and propel innovation. In 2017, The Tech received a 5 year SEPA grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop and study a repertoire of novel biotinkering activities as a new way to inspire and equip young people from diverse backgrounds to participate in the dynamic landscape of modern biotechnology.

Project Aims

  • Create and test biotinkering experiences that make biotech accessible to everyone
  • Foster creativity capacity, problem-solving skills, and confidence with using biology
  • Inspire and equip young people from diverse backgrounds to explore STEM careers
  • Highlight biology as a modern problem-solving space
  • Evaluate, document, and share our learnings and resources

Project Outcomes

Partnership with Stanford

The Tech has had a longstanding partnership with the Stanford Department of Genetics to connect graduate students, post docs, and staff directly with visitors. Multiple days a week, these scientist volunteers turn the Biotinkering Lab into the ChromoZONE and run in hands-on genetics programming of various kinds.

This work was made possible by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) from the
National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).